Snudae Scans is (always) RECRUITING!

We are a group of panda(s) who are passionate about Manga & Manhwa, especially Shoujo, Josei & Smut genres. Because Smut is Life.
Scanlation work is strictly volunteer!

Main Requirements :

  • Age 18+
  • Knowledgeable in Google Drive
  • Active and responsive in Discord
  • Passionate & comfortable working with Shoujo, Josei, & Smut genre
  • Not involved in many scans groups, the less groups you are in, the better
  • Have time and commitment to do scans work

DO NOT apply if you’re going to disappear midway or can’t stay committed. If you have unavoidable real-life situations, just inform the staff & do not ghost us because you’ll be delaying everyone else.

Before apply, please make sure you already meet all our main requirements!


The following positions are urgently needed :

    • 1. Japanese Translator
    • 2. Korean Translator
    • 3. Chinese Translator
    • 4. Cleaner & Redrawer
    • 5. Typesetter (Photoshop required)
    • 6. Quality Checker


Note for Applicants:
We have test for every role. However if you have experience, kindly send us your previous work so we can check and maybe let you join us without having test. Also, if you want to apply to work on a  specific series, let us know on you application!


Please reach us through discord if you are interested to join our team!